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"From working with Grammy-nominated producers to winning a Clio Award for a Bud Light Superbowl commercial, at just 23, Sidney Kennedy is quickly becoming one to watch."

Sidney's professional music journey all started at 18 when his music was discovered on Instagram and was flown to Tokyo, Japan to write and produce for Universal Music’s newly signed artists. This led Sidney to spend most of 2019 going back and forth to Japan. When returning to New Zealand, he started engineering and writing music for some of New Zealand's biggest brands. Crafting sounds for the likes of Toyota, BMW, Netflix/Spark.


It didn't take long for the noise he was making in New Zealand and Asia to make its way to America. In 2022 he moved to LA to work with Human Worldwide, one of the world's leading music houses renowned for writing music for the biggest brands on TV.

IMG_8618 2.jpg

With a very select list of composers, landing a spot in the Human Worldwide roster is not easily done. In just over a year there, Sidney has written for many well-known brands, collaborated with 3 time Grammy-nominated producer Harv (known for producing Justin Bieber's smash hit “Peaches”) and most importantly Bud Light’s 2023 Super Bowl Commercial featuring Hollywood Actor and mega-star Miles Teller. This placement being the most highly sought-after placement to obtain in the industry. Not only that, the ad became a huge success, with celebrities such as Druski (5.4 million followers) reenacting the ad, dancing to Sidney's Remix. A few months later, Sidney was awarded a Clio award for best use of music.


Sidney's now taking the stage to tell his story.

With his success at a young age, he’s now being called on to speak about his journey at industry events, his latest being “Sync-Posium 2023” which took place in March. Sidney was on the panel talking about the exciting world of music on screen alongside some big industry names such as Grammy award-winning producer Joel Little and Steve Schnur, President of Music at EA Games.

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